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FormCreator update

Published: September 16, 2019

This one is for my EdTech peeps with a nod to the entrepreneurs at the end.

I just update FormCreator and want to highlight some of the features that were updated.

  • New Setup Sheet functionality. There are now 2 options to setup your sheet, 1 for a Form Quiz with Feedback options and 1 without feedback. In both options, I also create some sample questions as well to give you a head start.
  • New question sample inserts from the menu. There can be some tricky items that need to be added to get the question created as you want and also to know about some of the advanced capabilities, like inserting embedded images.

Entrepreneurs: In yesterday's post about pricing I talked about changing the quota and making FormCreator more compelling to users. The update is focused on features that customers gave me as feedback and I wanted to help streamline their workflow process. The new setup sheet comes prebuilt with questions to help give the users an understanding of what FormCreator can do more quickly (hopefully to bring them closer to that Magic Moment) referenced by Kevin Hale.

After they have some questions in there they can add ones that have specific structures and parameters from the menu. Reducing the strain of button clicking in the Forms UI saves them time if they are creating multiple items and working through the keyboard can be faster also. We will see if that helps with the conversion rate!

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