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Automagical Apps

Automagical Apps are a portfolio of Google Add-ons created by John and Deanna McGowan as part of Unicorn Magic. We are math teachers who have taught around the world.

Unicorn Magic creates solutions that streamline cumbersome workflows focused on the Google environment. We build Google Chrome extensions and Addons for Google Workplace. Powered by AI and with deep knowledge of the Google ecosystem, we help you work more efficiently.

We are one of the few companies that entirely focuses on Google Workspace integrations, optimizing the user experience and embedding AI to make actions seem magical. Over 135 million users have installed our Addons, and we are one of the first dedicated developers in the space. As Google Cloud Partners, we work tightly to release new features and integrations in the Google Ecosystem.


Who are we

  • John McGowan

    John McGowan

    Founder of Automagical Apps

    John is a certified Google Education Trainer and the creator of g(Math), which had over 13 million worldwide users before it retired in January 2018. A math teacher of over 15 years, he loved to adapt the fail-forward mentality and push the bounds of technology integration in the math classroom. Automagical apps are the portfolio of other Add-ons that John developed and launched at the same time as g(Math) to help teacher workflow and amplify effectiveness.

Google Partner

On a mission to empower teams

Unicorn Magic is a Google Cloud and Google for Education Partner with over 135,000,000 installations of our Add-ons. With Automagical Apps, we create a portfolio of Google Add-ons and Chrome Extensions that help people increase their productivity and effectiveness in Google Workplace.

We have also created custom solutions for clients to help with their productivity with more precision. Contact us if you would like a bespoke solution created for you.

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Local Enterprise Office Louth

This project was supported by the Local Enterprise Office Louth through co-funding from the Irish Government and the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020.

The project contributes to the SME support, promotion and capability development theme of the ERDF co-funded programme.

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