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Why should I read this thing?

Published: September 14, 2019

Great question! I plan on sharing content that will be valuable to a couple groups of people.

  • My EdTech Peeps. This is the arena my passion has been living in since the millennium rolled over. I have been delving into new realms the past 4 years but this is still my default wheelhouse. Especially Google's many of my ideas are geared towards optimizing my time as a teacher in GSuite. (Which is ironic since I haven't had a classroom for 4 years now...that is like a whole class of high schoolers graduating!). I will unashamedly be talking about the Add-ons I create as well as Chrome Extensions and other useful tools.
  • Digital Nomads. I spent the past 3 years as a Product Manager for an awesome tech company developing the app I sold to them. When I sold it I was just finishing up my year teaching in Chile and we planned on heading back to the US after being abroad since 2009 in Taiwan, Singapore, and then Chile. That was the summer of 2016 and the US seemed like a foreign place to us. We tried to find a place to live...checking out Colorado, California, Hawaii, Austin, Portland ME, and then after the election it just didn't seem like a place where we fit. So we spent the next 18 months figuring out where in the world to live. It was the first time that we didn't have to adhere to the school days, school calendar, or even location. As long as I had fast internet and was able to make a daily standup meeting (which sometimes was the middle of the night like when we were in Bali & Australia), we could be location independent. See the map of our travels and I want to share about how we fared as a family (we started when my daughter was about 2 1/2).
  • Entrepreneurs. Since I started developing g(Math) and it started to get more and more users back in 2014, I have been consuming as much information as I can about startups, entrepreneurship, coding, and all things that this arena entails. I will share my process, what I have learned and are learning, what I am listening to and reading about, and any insights I get along the way.
  • Other stuff. I will try to minimize this area as I tend to ramble on about tangential subjects and I plan on creating some arena for more personal stuff...but it is my blog so my personal bits will show up here from time to time. I do consume a lot of information on mindfulness so that will seep into my post. I also use the word awesome a lot. I embrace that warned. Also, I hope to be transparent about the times when I might not be so awesome and the ways I deal with hopefully you will all stay tuned!

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