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Blogging... this time I am going to do it!

Published: September 12, 2019

Hey all,

So here is the first post that I am putting out in documenting my startup journey. I hope to share information as I travel along this amazing journey. I assume there will be lots of ups and some downs (hopefully more ups than down) and want to try to be as transparent as possible for anyone trying to follow the same dream.

I love the podcast Startup by Gimlet and how they shared their journey to make a startup podcasting company. It was awesome to hear the progress they made as I binge-listened and then to catch up to present day to see that they were a huge success! I hope that this blog and other components will help showcase those and I figure the worst thing that happens is I will be able to have a nice post-mortem dissection of a failed company...but the best part could be an awesome follow-along to a successful company!

My goal this year is to share more. Yeah, that has been my goal since like 2012 (or 2014)... for real go check my old blogger posts. As you can see I do a great OKish job starting something and then not finishing it. This is not the plan here and I figure I can blog about something every day. It might not be valuable to anyone, but it will be valuable to me. Following along the lines of Seth Godin, if I can't find one thing that is important or unique or want to ponder on during the course of the day, then I am not trying hard enough!

So this is nothing new, but this time I have no safety net. I left my job as a Product Manager for EquatIO, have no other income, and need to make it work! I have total optimism that my passion will help my company succeed and I am surrounded by an amazing family that fully supports me. My wife, Deanna, is awesome and totally is behind this crazy journey. My daughter Mele is the inspiration of it all, from creating g(Math) to selling it and now rolling my own startup. She even supplied the company name: Unicorn Magic. Someone is squatting on that domain for like $10,000 and I won’t succumb to the extortion so I publish my apps info and blog here at

My goal is to blog daily and talk about my journey from being a teacher to an entrepreneur. I will also tweet when I post a new blog entry so follow along on my journey at @automagicalapps!